Who? What? Why???

Gnome ManateeI woke up one morning after a long night of drinking, and found myself laying face down in a ditch. I turned my head over and saw a gnomanatee. He told me to get myself out of this rut, literally, and start a blog. So I hurried to the liquor store, grabbed a bottle of Schnapps, headed back to my gnome abode, got on the internets and started this blog. Yippeee!!!!

Gnomes promote Facebook stalking.

Gnomes also enjoy email: [email protected].

However, gnomes do not enjoy photography theft. Please don’t steal any photos from our blog without asking us first.


9 thoughts on “Who? What? Why???

  1. Hey guys, just surfing and came across your wonderful Gnome blog/site. Couldn’t help but find reference to myself from an article about The BodenGnomes book I wrote last year, or the attempt to break the World Record of Humans dressed as Gnomes in Oz…I was one of the 478 who still hold that record here in the UK as part of a BBC Hereford & Worcester Radio show for Children in Need charity. So I’ve bookmarked you and ‘liked’ on facebook…hope you check out our ‘BodenGnomes’ FB page and Happy Gnoming from The BodenGnome Ranger..Davy T 🙂

    • Dear The BodenGnome Ranger,


      We just scoped out and liked your BodenGnomes page, but we don’t just like it…we LOVE it! Such a fun-looking crew you have over there! The arboretum looks absolutely delightful, and we have already added it to our travel bucket list. We are so very pleased to meet you and learn more about your gnomish ways. Keep in touch!

      An Unidentified Interim Secretary for The Drunk Gnome

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