There’s a Gnome Skiing in the Olympics!

We gnomes have been really into watching the Olympics in Sochi this winter. Snowboarding, ice skating, luge…you name it!

Sweden's Per Spett reacts at the finish line during the men's freestyle skiing moguls qualification round at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Rosa Khutor, Feb. 10, 2014. (DYLAN MARTINEZ/Reuters)

Photo credit: DYLAN MARTINEZ/Reuters

Alas, we have finally settled on our very favorite Olympic athlete of these games. His name is Per Spett. He’s from Sweden. And apparently, he’s a gnome. Per is a freestyle moguls skier who finished in 11th place. Thanks to his small frame (he’s 5’6″) and his enviable beard, fans say he looks like a skiing gnome.

Despite his lack of medal-winning, he’s been insanely popular in these games. In the off-season, he works at an iron-ore mine in northern Sweden. I suppose that’s as good of a place as any for a gnome.

Have you seen any other Olympian gnomes in the Sochi games?

USA Gymnastics Tomi the Olympian Gnome

Team USA Shop sells some summer Olympian gnomes, but we have yet to see any of the winter variety.

Tip us off is you come across any others besides Per!

Rock on, Per. Moguls are crazy.
Benjamin “sporty spice” gnome

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Instead of winning the Heisman Trophy, these days I’m winning bets on who’s gonna end up in the ER the most times per week. I welcome sympathy cards, flowers, and crossword puzzles. Much obliged.

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