Gnome Beer Week! September 18th – 21st!

Are you as pumped for Gnome Week as we are?! It’s September 18th – 21st, so get ready!

Gnome week


It’s sponsored by our favorite brewery of all time, La Chouffe. There’s a list of gnome-friendly bars that are participating….check it out!

We gnomes will be in Texas during this time and we’re mad as hell that there are no participating bars in the Lone Star State. C’mon cowboys, pick up the slack!

This is very exciting news for us over here and we’re getting too frantic to type straight.

Gnome beer!



Dumblebore the Gnome

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However, I provide an important service to The Gnome Abode. I’m the gnomish grave digger. C’mon, we live a long time, but you didn’t expect us to live forever, did you?!

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