A New Gnome Childrens’ Book – Just in Time for Christmas!

Over here at TheDrunkGnome, we love learning about new gnome-themed books from gnome-loving authors.

Cue Jo Hall, author of a new gnome-themed childrens’ book, “JoJo Gnome and the Smell of Christmas.” Apparently, JoJo lives in a rainy Scottish garden.


Here’s a lil’ blurb about the book:

It’s Christmas time but Grandpa Gnome has a cold. JoJo Gnome tries to help Grandpa enjoy all the wonderful holiday smells. Will Grandpa be able to enjoy the smell of Christmas?
JoJo Gnome and the Smell of Christmas is the second book in the series of books about this cheeky fun little character. JoJo and his friends will appeal to the early years audience. The bright and colourful illustrations will attract younger children, parents and teachers alike. Follow this funny creature through his exiting adventures in a Scottish garden and beyond. The perfect seasonal bedtime story to snuggle up with together and enjoy. Especially suited for younger children age 2-6 years old.

The book’s author and illustrator first introduced the world to this little gnome with an introductory ebook, Meet JoJo Gnome and a follow up JoJo Gnome and the Sound Machine.

The book is targeted at kids between the ages of 3 and 6. But we’re not ashamed. We’ll read anything with the word “gnome” in the title. Expect a book review coming your way in the near future.

Santa Claus may be a gnome impostor, but at least gnomes are making a hearty appearance in Christmas stories this holiday season.

Yours truly,
The Quick Brown Fox the gnome

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