Oh For Pete’s Sake…Read Something, You Dumb Oaf!

Welcome to the continuation of the Gnome Literature Series! After a brief hiatus, we are back to teach you things about gnome literature and thereby make you slightly less stupid. In case you missed last night’s drunken book club discussion (tisk tisk), here are the highlights:

photo (1)

-Gnomes have triangular brains

-Gnomes are susceptible to sunstroke

photo (4)-Gnomes have visited outer space, but they’re not from outer space

-Gnomes most likely did not build the Egyptian pyramids

photo (6)

-Just because you suck at soccer doesn’t mean gnomes have to

-Gnomes thoroughly enjoy whistles

Well, that’s your literary update for the day. Hope you were sober enough to pay attention for it.

Yours in Combating Dumbness,
The Quick Brown Fox, The Gnome

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