Checking In With Freddie Fisher: The Famous Gnome of Derbyshire

According to local British reporters, Derbyshire’s most famous gnome could soon be seen by a much wider audience.

His name is Freddie Fisher, and he first entered the gnome scene in 2011. As gnomes began popping up outside strangers’ houses, it became clear that Freddie’s mission was to make people think about etiquette and manners.

Photo credit: The Derby Telegraph

Photo credit: The Derby Telegraph

Freddie started talking to a Facebook friend about ideas for a children’s book. This emerged into a conversation about animation skits and newspaper cartoons. “I’m in the process of looking to pitch the cartoon to TV channels like CBBC and the Cartoon Network,” Freddie said.

“With hard work and some clever promotion, Freddie’s stories will take flight and become part of the mainstream, thus shining a light in a somewhat downbeat world,” commented Dan Willer, one of the six animators involved.

Freddie’s Facebook page has over 700 followers (c’mon Drunk Gnome fans…we can beat that!) and his website is updated with ongoing news stories. What started as a harmless prank has turned into a gnomish media sensation! You can keep up to date with all the Freddie Fisher news by visiting his Facebook page.

Right on Freddie…we love what you’re doing and can’t wait to see how this animation project goes 🙂
Lennon the Gnome

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