Help! Gnome Lost at Oktoberfest!

It’s always been our little gnomish dream to head over to Germany and celebrate Oktoberfest in style.

Haupteingang_Oktoberfest_2012But alas, we weren’t able to raise enough gnome rubles to afford the flight again this year 🙁

To make up for it (a little bit, but not really), we’ve been reading all sorts of articles about other people living the good (drunk) life. For example, today I read about a little gnome getting “lost” at Oktoberfest.

Apparently, Oktoberfest has a lost and found. And a gnome ended up in it this year. Along with the gnome was a segway, a giant pencil, a guitar and €50,000 cash.

Hacker-Pschorr_Oktoberfest_GirlDo you REALLY think that little gnome is “lost”!? That bastard is having the time of his life! Spending boat loads of cash…riding around dumbly…writing on things!

I hate him, in an envious sort of way. I really hope he’s blogging about his adventures somewhere out there too.

And for all your human drunkards out there….your keys, clothing, and mobile phones are sitting in the lost and found box as well. You have until February to pick up your shit. Otherwise it gets auctioned off.

But if I were to venture a guess, I’d say that little “lost” gnome is nowhere near the auction box. Write to me, buddy! Take me with you!

Yankee Doodle the Gnome

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