International update: Australians Painting Gnomes for Charity

It’s time for the Bega Show garden gnome painting competition! Local celebrities in the area are painting gnomes for charity, which will be auctioned off for big gnome bucks.


This writer dude, Ben Smythe, started off with a red hat – good call, buddy. “After that it was bit of a mish-mash of colours, styles and fashions – and a rather sun-blemished skin tone – so perhaps not so far from my own personality as I would normally admit,” he said.

The chamber of commerce president and a portrait award finalist are also celebrity gnome painters, churning and burning killer gnome designs. For now, the gnomes of Mayor Bill Taylor, entertainer Frankie J Holden and River Cottage Australia host Paul West remain a mystery. Bega Show chief pavilion steward Barb Rogers is remaining tight-lipped on that front, so curious gnome aficionados will have to wait until show day for the reveal!


Local charities like the Rural Fire Service will be collecting in on those charity funds and gnome-related social media scene is BLOWING UP!

Gnome painting seems to be the NEXT BIG THING in charitable giving these days. Do a good deed. Paint a gnome this weekend and watch the good karma roll right in!

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