Super Crazy Exciting Gnome Festival Alert!

Alright gnomes,

I need a headcount for who’s coming with me to Strausburg in a couple weeks.

Would you believe that this town has a section for “Gnome News” on it’s webpage?!

photoThe undisclosed source that shared this newspaper clipping with me was also kind enough to note an upcoming cheese festival that weekend also. GNOMES AND CHEESE? How can you go wrong.

Okay. Anyway. Headcount gnomes, headcount. Text me within the hour. Thanks. Bye.

May the sauce be with you,
Alfredo the Gnome


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About Alfredo

OMG you have no freaking idea how excited I am to be a part of this drunk gnome blog! I have SO MUCH TO SAY! And SO MUCH TO DRINK! I spend most of my time sipping low calorie wine coolers. I have the most ginormous closet full of sexy gnomish outfits and props that I can’t wait to model for you. Today I’m sporting my spring outfit, complete with a daisy hat….because yeah I’m just THAT kinda gnome. I am super-dee-super adventurous patiently wait my turn for our Master/Goddess to select me as a travel companion. One of my arms falls off from time to time, but my gnomenurse says it’s just a flesh wound. I love you all already! HUGS AND KISSES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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