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All of us chipped in and recently got ourselves a fancy new iPhone. We all have to share it, but that’s okay because it’s hard for us to push those big touch screen “buttons” all alone  anyway! phone

In addition to providing all you gnome fans with a daily (almost always!) post about our shenanigans, we are now ALSO posting random pics of each other on Facebook!

They’re super fun, sometimes scandalous, and usually drunk 😉

But these are FACEBOOK EXCLUSIVES and found NOWHERE else on the Interwebs!

To get a sneak peak into the behind-the-scenes shenanigans, you have GOT to LIKE us on Facebook! It’s so easy a troll could do it!

Just go to our Facebook page and click “like”. And SHAZAAM! A daily picture of one of us will start to appear in your news feed!

Because after all…don’t you need a little more gnome in your day?

ChumbaWamba The Gnome

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