This Week’s Edition of “Gnomes in the Gnews”!

We’re gnot the only gnomes who are famous! Check out these other gnomes making the news this week!

  • The Ontario Post offers potential gnome thieves alternative activities to stealing our fair brothers. Those crazy Canadians suggest these alternatives:  pick up garbage in a park, mow someone’s lawn, peel a banana, go for a long walk, help someone, take part in the relay for life, tan, organize a charity event, buy a new lawn ornament for the person you stole that one from, help someone find a lost cat.

  • In related news, this Massachusetts newspaper reports a police investigation about 40 missing gnomes from a military veteran’s lawn. Devastated gnome owner, Kathy Bush, cared for of a variety of us little guys….gnomes dressed as Jimmy Buffett, gnomes dressed in military suits, you name it. Six mushroom houses were also nabbed by those wretched thieves. The detective bureau is currently investigating this matter and anyone with information is encouraged to call or text (413) 787-6355.

  • The final article that I’ll share with you this week comes from Gloucestershire in the UK. The Eastcombe School Association hosted it’s annual gnome hunt! Hunt?! Yeah, I was skeptical too. But after a few distraught calls to the editor, I learned that no gnomes were harmed in this particular hunt. Apparently 29 gnomes were scattered around the village and between 300 and 400 people took part in finding them (without weapons) and raised £1,300 for the school. I don’t know much about foreign money, but those gnomes sound like they’re making BANK!

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this week’s edition of “Gnomes in the Gnews.”

Signing off,

The Quick Brown Fox, The Gnome

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