“How I Met Your Mother” Star Buys Gnome Rug

We aren’t exactly into the tabloid scene, but one particular headline caught our attention today.

Alyson Hannigan, star of that CBS prime time show that just WON’T GO AWAY was spotted buying a gnome rug. And just when you Buffy fans were starting to lose hope in humanity.

The poor 39-year old (wow, 39…really?) actress was ambushed by paparazzi on Tuesday buying shit at Paper Source in L.A. Among said shit was a holiday doormat that read “There’s no place like gnome.”

True dat, Alyson. True dat.


Turn that gnome mat around, girl, and let us see the goods!

Apparently, she was so overtaken with excitement over her new gnome mat that she forgot her sunglasses in the store and had to go back in to get them. Life’s rough, right?

A big deal was also made about an altercation with a parking meter. I feel ya, girl. Those things are whack.

It’s always nice to see the rich and famous supporting gnome causes in the name of holiday consumerism. Have you seen any celebrities with gnomes lately? Please share! Our voyeuristic inferiority complex thanks you in advance.

Your Celebrity Gnews Contributor,

Photo credit: Daily Mail/Splash

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