St. Paddy’s Day 9AM Kegs & Eggs at The Gnome Abode!

We’ve already started boozin’ over in The Gnome Abode….how ’bout you? Ya gotta do kegs & eggs for St. Patrick’s Day! C’mon people, don’t get old and lame just yet.

Beer? Check. Beads? Check. Flask? Check.

Eggs? Eggs? EGGS?!? Roxy was supposed to bring the eggs. Where the hell is that little slut. We’re starving!

Roxy? Roxy! Answer this blog post ASAP!!!


Leonardo The Gnome and the rest of the Gnome Gang

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About Leonardo

I am the alcoholic that puts all other alcoholics to shame. I will be providing a good number of brew reviews….well at least until this crazy Administrator/Master/Goddess lady gives us a budget to start hiring staff.

If you can’t find me here, I’m probably in a gutter somewhere. It’s not like I have anything else do to.

PS – I tend to have a steady stash of mushrooms in my back pocket…..I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

Chug a lug,



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