The Stormy Night I Met a Manatee Pianist

Tonight was one of those nights that it didn’t feel right to stay in and it didn’t feel right to go out. I’ve been kinda down in the dumps for whatever reason the last few days. And while the thought of being around those wretched gnomes made me want to vomit, I still couldn’t stand to see the inside of sterile, impersonal room a minute longer.

So I went to a piano bar and got drunk. Whatever, don’t judge me.

It was lightly raining and I kept seeing lightning in the distance. However, I knew a crawl would help clear my mind. The piano bar was only a mile and three quarters crawl from the Gnome Abode. It’s not like I can’t use the exercise anyway.

The evening’s performer was a chubby manatee who played the most beautiful techno version of Mozart’s Turkish March that I’ve ever heard. I hung around the bar after the performance ended, in hopes that I would have a chance to praise the manatee genius for his talent and inspiration.

He and I have been sipping brandy for the past hour or so. I think we really have a lot in common, in a totally non-weird kind of way. He is apparently really into trains. I don’t really get it, but whatever. I’m sure he told me his name when we first introduced ourselves. But I’m so bad at names. So yeah…

I know it’s after midnight and I should probably get home and get to sleep. But then again, who know when such another awesome night like this will happen?

What do you think? Should I at least stick around til last call? I mean, it’s not really safe to go out into thunderstorms anyway really, is it ?

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