Gnome Sighting in Vermont Frog Shop!

While biking my little gnome legs around the Vermont countryside, I decided that antiquing would be the right thing to do. After all, all the cool (old) kids are doing it.

My first stop was Tinker’s Antique Barn. Turns out, bitches are closed on Wednesday. Out of all days, Wednesday? Why Wednesday, praytell? There very well may be gnomes living inside this barn. Must mark calendar to work around THEIR schedule. Hmmph.


After stopping to gas up at the local station, my next stop was The Green Frog, which was more of a gift shop than an antique shop. This just means stuff is newer. I’m okay with new stuff.


The was one, and only one, gnome living inside this store. We chatted for a moment or two, but he had a pretty narrow worldview and the conversation turned stale in a very short amount of time.


I had the owner take my mug shot by the iconic frog out front and I posed with my very best frog face.



Humans make that stupid kissy face. Well gnomes, I’m here to start a new trend….the frog face.


Ribbit ribbit,
Zookwinkle the Travel Gnome

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My name Zookwinkle, and although I am most certainly a gnome, I sometimes mistaken for a leprechaun. Okay fine, so my skin tone is kind of green….it’s a medical condition and I’m seeking dermatology treatment SO LAY OFF! I am a true romantic at heart and love to give flowers and kisses to lady gnomes on the rare occasion I actually see one. And on the even rarer occasion that I get laid.

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