Sheldon sketches out Mt. Gnomemore

Howdy, fellow travellers! I read another gnome blog awhile back that boasted of glorious heads carved into rocks. Naturally, I assumed they were gnome sculptures. I walked my weary ceramic feet over a thousand miles to Mount Rushmore just to see this supposed gnomish phenomenon.

photo (2)

I must say I’m disappointed. Dead white human dudes` heads? Really America, really!? Is that all you’ve got?

The highlight of my trip was meeting a pink monkey. She was a tourist as well and pretty sweet for a little fuzzy creature. There were not any humans watching the dead sculpture heads though, which I found terribly ironic.

photo (3)

Oh well. As. Travelling gnome, I make the best out of every travel situation. I even had a chance to create an original Sheldon work of art. I sketched out Mt. Gnomemore and I plan to make it a reality.

Mark my words.

Mt Rushmore

Until my next adventure report…
Sheldon the Gnome

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