1986 Tom Clark “Pumpkin” Gnome Lady Joins The Abode!


We at The Gnome Abode welcome all gnomes to join us, even gnomes as old as dirt. 1986 is pretty old, don’t you think? And really….in gnome years, that’s more like 1486.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you all to The Abode’s newest resident! Hmm. She doesn’t have a name yet. It’s hard to introduce someone who doesn’t have a name.

Anyway. She is part of the “Pumpkin” collection and was sculpted in 1986 by master gnome creator, Tom Clark!

Look! She’s authentic! Not even I have proof of my creator or when I was created. These are deep philosophical questions that I don’t want to get wrapped up in right now though.

She even came with her own money! Now that’s what I call a responsible lady gnome….one who can take care of herself. Sure sure, it’s only a penny. But that had to be worth millions in 1986!

We are taking suggestions for what to name her. So fire away with your best ideas!

She’s the first Tom Clark gnome to join the clan and we’re really excited to welcome such a historical figure into our home. Tom Clark is a master artist and sculptor and the lead artist for Cairn Studio, LTD. Hard-to-find collections of Tom Clark gnomes are sold from a variety of vendors, such as Yukon Shop and The Knot Hole Station LTD.

The welcome party for our new nameless pumpkin lady will be held TONIGHT! 8pm sharp in the living room! BYOB pumpkin beer! Alcoholic pumpkin ice cream will also be served 🙂

Co-Chairman of the Welcoming Committee,
The Book of Genesis, The Gnome

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