Arts & Crafts Seminar Held at The Gnome Abode

Today I hosted an Arts & Crafts Seminar in The Gnome Abode. As the newly-hired Gnome Educator, I feel like I need to give these poor bastards some cultural experiences. I only had two students show up to today’s seminar, but I think they got a lot out of it….one definitely more than the other.

I loaned Maurice a copy of the easiest gnome craft book I could find. 

He chose to make a gnome out of felt and sheep wool. This sounded reasonable enough. However, this is what he presented me with upon completion of his project…

Check out the photos in the craft book! This is what this project was SUPPOSED to look like.

I commented to Maurice was just too creepy to be any sort of gnome and suggested he sew up the face to make that the hat instead.

I’m not sure how much of an improvement this is, but at least he finished it. I suppose.

On the other hand, Horace masterfully sculpted this ethnically diverse gnome pendant out of clay. Truly magnificent!

Bravo, Horace!

The rest of you gnomes had better show up to my next art seminar. I mean you can’t be any worse than Maurice, so what have you got to lose?

Crafting always me crave craft beer. Time to ditch these students and quench my thirst.

The Quick Brown Fox


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