Gnome Literature Series: “The Gnome: Small, Fat, and Fabulous”

Howdy ho…your gnomish librarian, The Quick Brown Fox, here! You’ve probably read some of my book reviews and brilliant commentary about gnomish literature. Well, in the spirit of gnome education, I am starting a new initiative today!


The first book that will be featured in the series is called The Gnome: Small, Fat, and Fabulous”. All books in the series will be highly educational and teach you everything you want to know and MORE about US!

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Your very own copy of Joel Jessup’s masterpiece can be aquired through the Interweb.

Published in August 2011, “The Gnome┬áis the essential field guide to these magical garden-dwellers, produced after years of undercover research and exhaustive interviews conducted with gnomes in their natural habitat. Packed full of fascinating gnome facts, funny captions, and over 100 charming images of adorable gnomes, this book is ideal for all gnome enthusiasts.”

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I’ll be featuring each informative section, one by one, in the days ahead. Where better to start than the introduction!

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  • Gnomes are popular and nonthreatening
  • Santa is an over-sized freak show of a gnome who likes cold climates
  • Gnomes were first spotted by humans in late 19th Century Germany
  • Gnomes were uncooperative in the interview process for this book
  • Gnowledge and gnomsense are legitimate words

Signing off,
The Quick Brown Fox, the gnome

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