Happy Endings for Canadian Gnomers

Good evenings, fellow gnomes. I felt the pressing need to report a news update to you at this late hour.

Perhaps you were following our prior story about gnomes popping up in weird places in Southern Ontario. A group of gnomes were displaced from their homes, renamed via green tape, and relocated to the town’s water treatment plant in the middle of the night.

Well, these gnomes have started being reunited with their owners. Roberta Smith was reunited with Gerome and welcomed him home with a shower and a blow dry.



Locals are looking for answers as to where their gnomes have run off to and why they suddenly decided to return. To find their answers, the gnomes have turned to literature.

Gnomes in the area are citing striking similarities in these recent happenings to a book titled, Hector and the Small People. Author and Celtic Connection gift shop owner, Mary McGillis, wrote this book that begins in an eerily similar way.

Are the perpetrators literate?

Are they Irish?

Police in Parry Sound are continuing their investigation. Anyone with information or who has reported a gnome stolen in the past is asked to contact Const. Aaron Jeffery 705-746-4225, or 1-888-310-1122.

Pleasantly unstolen,
The Book of Genesis the Gnome

Find out more about McGillis’ novel, Hector and the Little People, at www.marymcgillis.com.

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