New Gnome Book Released!


Author, Gene Olson, has published a new book called Gnomes in the Barn. According to the hot-off-the-press press release, “he crafts a dulcet story out from this Scandinavian folklore characters often blamed for any mischief that took place to engage the imagination of children, leaving them clamoring for their parents to go over the story once again.”

Barn bookApparently, the gnomes in this here book are about 6 inches tall. Seems about the average height around this house too. Heh.

I guess this Gene guy’s day job is being a systems analyst. That sounds rather dull, if you ask us. Good call on letting your mind wander to the wonderful world of gnomes, buddy 🙂

Gnome barn

You can pick up your very own copy by clicking on this handy-dandy Xliberis publishing site. The e-book is right within our gnomely-budgeted price range.

Happy literacy!
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