Does Your Community Host a Garden Show?


Although not all of us gnomes do gardening (actually, most of us dreadfully despise  manual labor!), gnomes are often associated with garden shows, which most frequently take place in the spring.

isleThe sixth annual Isle of Wight Spring Garden Show totally happened at the Robin Hill Adventure Park and Gardens last weekend. We were there. Were you?

Pish posh to the flowers. What about the gnomes, you ask?! And so did we.

pimp According to the Isle of Wight County Press, “Bestival’s Rob and Josie da Bank were guest gnome chiefs, in charge of judging the ‘Pimp a Gnome’ competition, in aid of the garden show’s nominated charity, the Earl Mountbatten Hospice.” They gave awards for the most amazing children’s gnome and the most amazing adult gnome.

Pimp a Gnome?! Don’t let those Brits have all the fun! YOU TOO can pimp a gnome. So whether or not your town is fancy (or foreign) enough to have a garden gnome, bring out the gnomes! They’re everywhere these days. I cringe as I type this, but you can even find them at (cringe) Wal-Mart.


Put down the shovel and pick up the ceramic.

Cowabunga the Gnome

Photo credit: Jennifer Burton.

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