A Little Bit About a Band Called the “UnGnomes”

We here at The Drunk Gnome are huge fans of music. And before you start to judge our musical tastes, take a seat and read along.

I know what you’re thinking….oh, gnome music….that sounds lame. I’d like to hear you play a few bars of your perception of “gnome music” in the key of D, please. I’m not joking around here. I really want to hear some sounds coming out the end of my laptop from you.



Whatever you suck.

But our taste in music doesn’t, so whatever, back to it.


It should come as no surprise that we’re a bit partial to bands that have “gnome” in their name. Perhaps you read about The Gnome Addicts playing in Boulder, Gnome from Australia, or Cleveland-based Mr. Gnome. If you didn’t read about them, read about them now. That wasn’t just a passing comment to fill space in a blog post!




I learned about a new gnome-themed band last week called the UnGnomes. After listening to a few of their tracks, I’m still unclear on exactly what an “ungnome” is. Take a listen. Do you get it?

Unfortunately, I missed out on catching the UnGnomes’ show this past weekend when they played a Wabash street festival in Chicago. Have any of you other gnomes out there seen them live? Worth a road trip? Fill me in, will ya?


Gracias, bitches.

Lil’ Dimwit, Rapper Gnome Extraordinaire

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