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Gnome Protests: Standing in Solidarity, Fighting the Good Fight

Now gnomes don’t often like to get involved in human politics. After all, they have much better things to do with their time – like growing gardens, causing mischief, and drinking grog. In fact, the simplicity and peacefulness of gnomes’ lives is what drew many of us to them in the first place!

Yet it’s impossible to ignore the politics and injustices happening in the world today, and not even gnomes can stay silent all the time. Here are a few examples of how gnomes have been involved in protests all around the world.

Gnomes Against McDonalds

One of the most famous of gnome protests took place in Australia in 2013, when gnomes took a stand against a new McDonalds restaurant coming to the small town of Tecoma. The 24-hour fast food drive-thru threatened to ruin the gnome’s peaceful existence. Since then, the Tecoma gnomes have taken on lighter pursuits, like breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest gathering of people dresses as garden gnomes. Check out the “Gnomeageddon” story here!

Gnome for Better Garden Care

A German garden store called Toom released an ad with Ogilvy Action in Düsseldorf a few years ago, featuring gnomes protesting neglected yards and inhospitable conditions. In a dramatic reenactment, gnomes left their homes and marched to the center of the city to share their plight with the world and demand a better backyard environment. Gnomes protested to convince Germans to take better care of their gardens, and they succeeded. You can watch the full video here!

Gnomes for Lower Energy Rates

Gnomes made the news last fall when they marched in Toronto to protest rising electric prices that residents can’t afford. These protesters hailed from the North Hastings chapter of the Gnomes for Justice and Equality, which is a group that supports various advocacy efforts. One member explained these gnomes do not promote any specific political party or social agency, but are community members who want to address issues of rural poverty and hunger. These gnomes are working to create positive change in the community and welcome anyone willing to put on a red hat to join them. Read more about their efforts here!

Are the gnomes in your home activists and revolutionaries? Or are they peaceful types that steer clear of controversy and drama?

A Little Bit About a Band Called the “UnGnomes”

We here at The Drunk Gnome are huge fans of music. And before you start to judge our musical tastes, take a seat and read along.

I know what you’re thinking….oh, gnome music….that sounds lame. I’d like to hear you play a few bars of your perception of “gnome music” in the key of D, please. I’m not joking around here. I really want to hear some sounds coming out the end of my laptop from you.



Whatever you suck.

But our taste in music doesn’t, so whatever, back to it.


It should come as no surprise that we’re a bit partial to bands that have “gnome” in their name. Perhaps you read about The Gnome Addicts playing in Boulder, Gnome from Australia, or Cleveland-based Mr. Gnome. If you didn’t read about them, read about them now. That wasn’t just a passing comment to fill space in a blog post!




I learned about a new gnome-themed band last week called the UnGnomes. After listening to a few of their tracks, I’m still unclear on exactly what an “ungnome” is. Take a listen. Do you get it?

Unfortunately, I missed out on catching the UnGnomes’ show this past weekend when they played a Wabash street festival in Chicago. Have any of you other gnomes out there seen them live? Worth a road trip? Fill me in, will ya?


Gracias, bitches.

Lil’ Dimwit, Rapper Gnome Extraordinaire

Gnomes are FREAKING PUMPED for the new season of Breaking Bad!


We gnomes are very rarely in tune with pop culture. However, today is one of those rare exceptions you only hear about in fairy tales.

One of our all-time favorite shows, Breaking Bad, is having its season premiere tonight. We’ve all been sitting around the Kindle watching marathon-style old episodes in anticipation.

photo (15)

Only an hour to go!

We’re started cooking our feast as well, so we don’t get mid-episode munchies and have to leave our uncomfortable wooden benches.

After the season premiere, you can expect gnome-flavored commentary about the episode and the kind of ingenious insights that only those with pointy hats can provide.

Did I mention there’s only an hour to go?

photo (16)

I gotta go check on that eggplant.

Happy viewing!
Lil’ Dimwit the Gnome

Hard Feelings From Concrete Heads

According to a recent Mother Nature Network article, gnomes have always been banned from the Chelsea Flower Show because of their “lowly and distracting” status.

flower showLowly?


SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay fine. So we’re being let into the show this year. That’s great and all, but it doesn’t mean we’re not still bitter. The show runs from May 21–25 on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London.

BBC had better be programming this shit stateside.

What makes us feel better about this whole ordeal though? Fairies and pixies are still prohibited from appearing in displays at the event.

BOO YEAH, BITCHES. Those pansies got nothin’ on us.

Hate mail lives on,
Lil’ Dimwit the Gnome

Mr. Gnome – A (Human) Indie Rock Band


What’s filling the space between your ears these days?

mr3We’ve been listening non-stop to Cleveland, Ohio based (human) band, Mr. Gnome. The gnomish duo consists of Nicole Barille on vocals and guitar and Sam Meister on drums, piano, and  back-up vocals.

Although we Gnome Abode residents have yet to see them in concert, the Internet tells us that hey’ve been blowing up the tour scene. According to a recent interview with the band,

“We’re not an overnight sensation, flavor of the month or anything like that. This tour, though, the work is really starting to pay off. The crowds are singing all the words. It’s insane, surreal,” Barille said. “I don’t know how it happened.”


mr2They played at the 2012 South by Southwest festival and lots of other places we haven’t heard of. Oh! And you can check out one of their trippy music videos NPR! Of all places!

As supporters of all things gnome, I encourage you to check ’em out! Happy listening!

Peace out.
Lil’ Dimwit, Gnomish rap authority