Cowabunga’s Review of Amish Meth Lab’s Debut Performance!


Sunday’s concert rocked so hard that I’m just now starting to get my hearing back! Actually, I just got out of the hospital this morning for complications due to hearing loss….hence the delay in my review.

I was one of the lucky ones to get a telepathic message through to the lead singer, McCartney, and get my hands on those backstage passes.

I can’t remember the name of the opening band because I was already pretty¬†high off the fumes floating around by this point (and who ever really remembers the openers anyway). They weren’t all that great but they were totally cool dudes and now I’m Facebook friends with all of those guys.

I tried to take get some pics of Amish Meth Lab during their performance, but I was so freaking pumped….head banging in the mosh pit with the best of ’em….that all my shots kinda suck. Throw your gnome hands in the air! WHOOP WHOOP! But if anyone out there got some good pics, send ’em my way, por favor. There was some slutty girl in a red leather mini skirt hanging out behind he stage too, so I’m wondering if she got any good pics or if she was just there to hook up with the band. I think she said her name was Roxy.

In my opinion, AML’s best performance was the song “Beard of Drool”. God, that reggae beat was a great switch-up from the hardcore heavy metal classics. Don’t get me wrong, those were awesome! I got stabbed in the eye by a mohawk and three of my toes got broken. Now THAT is what I call a good show.

Since I’m broke as hell, I couldn’t afford anything at their merch table. However, I did manage to steal a copy of their set list off of the side of the stage! I’m totally putting this stapling this to the side of The Gnome Abode when I learn how to walk again with these prosthetic toes.

Lennon announced at the end of the show that the band’s tour van was headed east and to keep up with their blog for upcoming tour dates and locations. Wherever it is, whenever it is…I’ll be there. I’m not sure if my hearing will ever come back or if I will regain sight in my eye from the mohawk incident, but it was totally worth it.

AML’s New Biggest Fan,

Cowabunga The Gnome

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