Roxy’s Groupie Application to Amish Meth Lab

Dear Amish Meth Lab,

I think you’re totally hot. All of you….the controlling one, the rebellious one, the spiritual one, and the lazy one…all of you! And as a new band, I’m sure you need groupies, right? RIGHT?!

Well, my name is Roxy and I would like to be the first to submit my application to be your first groupie. Whatever your hazing process is, I’m sure I’ve had worse and can rock it.

My previous groupie experience includes stalking other gnome bands including but not limited to Backyard to the Backdoor, The Bearded Boners, and Pointy Hat to the Max.

Here’s some pictures of my tits in case you are on the fence about accepting my application 😉

Please PLEASE contact me if you need any further information. Otherwise, I’ll be waiting backstage for you at your April 1st concert in San Fran! Can’t wait!


Roxy The Busty Groupie Gnome

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About Roxy

So whaddya think of my tits? C’mon. I’m the only girl gnome in this whole bunch. How could I NOT be a slut? I would certainly welcome other gnome girlfriends but I yet to find a single one. If you see one hookin’ a street corner, send her my way, eh? I stay out too late, I drink too much, and I find myself in sketchy situations on a daily basis. But you’ll love the stories that come out of it, cross my tits. 




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