Sheldon’s Goin’ to Cali!

Guess which lucky gnome got picked to go along with Gnomeplaya and Gnomecow on a westward journey for a long weekend?


I have been promised that there will be hiking, climbing, and camping at Yosemite. Then I’ve been promised wine tasting in Napa Valley.




But what I’m most excited about is a promise to visit my friend, Liz, at Gnome Habitat USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for the next few days, I will be blogging old school style…with a leather-bound travel journel and pen. Yes, people actually still do that! National Parks aren’t exactly known for their top notch wi fi.

But neverfear, I will make sure and transfer my experiences into an awesome blog post upon my return. That is, IF I return….

Boy voyage!

Sheldon the Gnome

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About Sheldon

I am by far the most adventurous gnome of the bunch. Look at my adventure satchel and gaze into the distance, for godssake!

You may recall reading about my recent tropical excursion with manatees in the Homosassa River. I’m the lead travel/adventure bloggers and am looking forward to revealing all the gnomish details about upcoming trips to California, Utah, and Las Vegas. I has been a driving motivation for Master/Goddess of All Gnomekind, to enroll in a travel writing program at Matador U to join me in documenting all of our gnomish travels around the world.

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