A Book Review of Jennifer Zane’s “Gnome For The Holidays”!


It’s the evening of Christmas Eve and what am I doing? Well as your gnomerhood librarian, I’m reading of course!

I just finished a delightful little novel called Gnome For The Holidays by Jennifer Zane. Roxy The Gnome recommended it to me after she gave rave reviews for Ms. Zane’s first gnome novel, Gnome On The Range.

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not your typical macho guy gnome. I like my romance novels and I’m not afraid to show it. Gnome For The Holidays is Ms. Zane’s third gnome novel.


The novel is set in Bozeman, Montana and the main character is a professional graphic designer but somewhat lonesome young woman named Emma. The setting is focused at a “white elephant” Christmas gift exchange party that Emma attends. The delightful, meddling, and porn shop-owning character of Goldie plays a critical role in this third novel as well.

Goldie convinces Emma to let her pick a gift from her porn shop to bring to the   white elephant party. Much to her surprise, Emma runs into a significant man from her past at the party and a whole lot of drama is stirred up. Emma just “happens” to pick A GNOME NAMED GEORGE as her white elephant her gift. The significant man just “happens” to pick (spoiler alert!) the porn shop gift. And you’re gonna have to read the story to get the rest of the scoop.

It’s Christmas Eve for godssake….shouldn’t you be reading something holiday-related about gnomes and kinda dirty?! Check the book out on GoodReads and Amazon!

Merry freaking Christmas to you all….whether you’re celebrating in The Gnome Abode, in a hollowed out tree, or in a fictional porn shop.

The Quick Brown Fox, The Gnome

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