Why Gnomes Should Celebrate Christmas: A Rebuttal


If you’re keeping up with your daily gnome news, you’ll remember an article from yesterday that posed the question if Christmas is a holiday for gnomes as well as humans.

I’ll agree with yesterday’s author that Christmas can be a confusing time for us. There’s plenty of elves posing as us, even know everyone knows how lame elves really are. But I have something that just may renew all of you gnomes’ faith in Christmas.

It’s a card….a Christmas card…but not just any Christmas card. It’s a Christmas card with gnomes all over it. Gnomes! A card for US!

The photo doesn’t do it justice, but there are tiny tabs on the front with numbers from 1 through 24. Each day during the month of December, I’ve pulled a tab to count down the days until Christmas. Each tab represents a gift and reminds me about the gnomish spirit of giving.


For example, under tab #14 was a couple of dogs. Under tab #22 was a basket mushrooms. And under tab #8 was a bouquet of flowers.

Today, the 23rd of December, offered me a church scene with large stained glass windows and candelabras. I only have one more tab to open, tomorrow for the 24th, ¬†and then it’s Christmas day! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s gift is!





So even though I’m still sitting on a pumpkin (and you probably think pumpkins are out of season, which they’re NOT!), I am a huge fan of Christmas. And although our new gnome spiritual leader, Evan Gelical, hasn’t exactly converted me to religion, I still love this time of year.

So as my dad used to say, “Merry Christmas Adam!” (because tomorrow’s Eve’s day and Adam deserves his own too).

Lurleen Lumpkin Sitting on a Pumpkin, The Gnome


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