Congratulations to Chazazz…our 2nd Gnome Scout hire!



Shout out to Chazaaz….our latest Gnome Scout hired here at!

Chazazz submitted a photo of himself on a typical workday and enclosed a Werther’s Original candy in his resume envelope. Chazaaz is a Scorpio, spends his time gambling at riverboat blackjack tables, and cries during reality shows about fat people.



Chazzaz submitted this gnome sighting while walking on stilts while walking to the park. One of his pant legs was oh-so-unfashionable rolled up on the edge. When he leaned down to straighten it out in front of a house with a white picket fence, THIS IS WHAT HE SAW!

Sneaky lil’ bugga….thinking no one would him through the leaves. Bah!

Chazazz spent a peaceful day frighting little children in the park by asking if he could draw their portrait. After his work in the park came to an end, he walked back to his home in the circus tent.

About half way through his walk, he heard footsteps behind him and became frightened. The neighborhood bullies always chased him if he was on their turf near the schoolyard after 3pm. Chazazz whipped his head around to see how close behind the bullies were. He snapped this photo just as his untied shoelace got stuck under his other shoe. Not unexpectedly, the bullies caught up to him as he was lying on the cold, hard concrete.

No one can really be sure of what Chazazz saw when he turned around that day, but barely even looks like a gnome. Perhaps that is why Chazazz was so stunned and why he lost control of his swift bodily movements.

What we can be sure of is that Chazazz will need some recovery time in the ICU before he’ll be sharing any more pictures with us as a Gnome Scout.

Tiddilywinks and butterflies,

Zookwinkle The Gnome

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