“Jeep Acquisition Day” ~ By Kamikaze The Gnome

I won!!!

Due to the large population of gnomes currently residing in the The Gnome Abode, Gnomeplaya conducted a contest, in which the prize would be a coveted invitation to join in Jeep Acquisition Day. We each were given a small slip of paper and asked to guess the number of hairs growing upon Gnomplaya’s head.

My guess was 102,318. The correct answer was 102,321. Since we were playing by Price is Right rules, I won and hopped into the front seat Saturday morning for a road trip to Indianapolis.

Indiana seemed really strange and dangerous. Nothing like The Gnome Abode. I suggested that everyone buckle up and make no direct eye contact with locals. When I won the invitation, I didn’t realize that I would be sharing the backseat with a grumpy lizard and a hyperactive monkey. But what else am I really going to do on a Saturday, anyway? I’ve been stuck holding this broom for years and I don’t even like sweeping!

The Jeep was purchased and a photo shoot ensued! My favorite part of the Jeep was the back spare tire. I slipped into a daydream about going for joy rides on the back tire and feeling the smelly Indiana breeze flowing through my unwashed beard. Ahhh…

After a few moments, I snapped out of my daydream and got to work. I completed a three page clipboard inspection of the Jeep’s interior and exterior and I came across this tiny gnome sitting on the front of the Jeep!

Who is he? What is he doing here? Is he an integral part to structure of the Jeep? What is his purpose? I can’t find anything about a gnome-part in the instruction manual!

I need to get to the bottom of this….

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