Gnew Gnome Literature ~ Adele Marie Crouch’s “The Gnomes of Knot-Hole Manor”


As The Gnome Abode’s librarian, I always have my eye out for new (gnew) gnome literature. This past weekend, I started reading a delightful book called The Gnomes of Knot-Hole Manor by Adele Marie Crouch.

I started reading this in the bubble bath last night and got about halfway done! The best part so far is that there is a gnome character┬ánamed Zookwinkle! All this time, I thought our guy was the only Zookwinkle in the universe because that’s what he told us.


So far the Zookwinkle in the book seems like an alright guy though….a kid really. Helped save a squirrel, obeys his parents, all that good stuff. He has been taught to be weary of human (rightfully so), to take care of nature, and do his chores.

Our Zookwinkle here doesn’t have a fraction of those good morals!

The Internet tells me Adele’s book has been translated into a whole bunch of languages – French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi – WOW! There are gnomes and humans reading about Character Zookwinkle and his family all over the place! I love foreigners!

The Internet also tells me that “Creations by Crouch is making an attempt to produce bilingual books that will not only assist people in learning the language of their choice, but also to preserve (in some small way) languages that are in danger of becoming extinct. With that in mind, Adele is always on the lookout for translators of new and endangered languages.”

Because Adele has targeted this book at 3rd graders, even you dumb gnomes out there can pick this up! Dumb gnomes need lovin’ too!

Yours in gnomish literacy,
The Quick Brown Fox

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