Gnomes Slacking Off to Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.


Generally speaking, gnomes really aren’t into human holidays. We have our own holidays, our own heroes, and we don’t need yours. However, when there is a day off at stake, we will celebrate anything!



Since none of us are working today, we have had a lot of time on our hands. I’ve been encouraging everyone to learn a little about the MLK Jr. holiday so we don’t come across to you all as ignorant deadbeats.


A consensus was reached that MLK cards were to be artistically created and mailed to everyone in our address book. A delightful little card company called Card Gnome is a great place to start. We’re still working on this project right now.

We also decided to copy an idea that a few humans from Maine did a few years back. We created “snow gnomes” and placed them outside our courthouse to signify diversity.


It’s no secret that gnomes of darker skin tones are few and far between However, let it be known that the residents of The Gnome Abode welcome you with open ceramic arms! Plus, we’re getting bored starting at each other’s pasty ole’ selves.

While doing some preparatory research for this article, I stumbled upon photographs of a darker version of Sheldon posing around Chicago. Whodathunkit?! Does anyone know who this guy is and how we can get in touch with him?


Civil rights WOO HOO!
The Quick Brown Fox, The Gnome

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