Gamblin’ Gnome: Award-Winning Sculpture Makes Home in Michigan Casino

Our gambling problem isn’t exactly on par with our drinking problem just yet, but influential gnomes like this guy are helping bridge the gap.

There’s a town in Michigan called St. Ignace, there’s a casino in St. Ignace called Kewadin, and there’s a restaurant in Kewadin called Horseshoe Bay.

Are you still with me?


As I was saying….inside the Horseshoe Bay lives a gnome. But not just any gnome. An AWARD-WINNING gnome!


James W. Denkins created this amazing gnome sculpture called “Edge of the Forest,” which is on display in the restaurant. Before eating himself beyond measurable limits of obesity, “Edge” hung out at the Grand Rapids art show.

According to Denkins, “Edge of the Forrest” is a collaboration of multiple plants and animals all surrounding a forest gnome, who is looking out from the edge of a forest.“It’s a tribute to our fragile ecosystem,” explains Denkins on his artist statement.

Far out, dude. Far out.

The Soo Evening News described “Edge” as a play on how humans are entangled in everything, for better or for worse. Casino manager, Steve Sprecker commented that “Edge” mirrored the rest of the casino decor.

Does this mean there are MORE GAMBLING GNOMES?!


Looks like a trip up north is in order. Stay strong in your fragility Edge. We’re coming for you…and the blackjack…and the all-you-can-eat fried chicken.

Humps the Gnome

Photo credit: Kewadin Casino/Soo Evening News

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