Gnomes & 1970’s Sitcoms

Leave it to the Brits to put gnomes in their sitcoms.

I found myself bored and browsing Netflix last night in search of some comedic relief. After a good amount of scrolling, I settled on a 1970’s British sitcom called Fawlty Towers.Fawlty Towers. The Builders. part 26..wmv  - YouTube

Even if you dislike the concept of laughing, you’ve GOT to watch Season 1, Episode 2. Why? Because there is a gnome in it, you dumb twat!!!

Ahem. The episode is called “The Builders” and it’s mostly about hiring some silly workmen. A delivery guy brings in a 2-foot tall green, yellow, and red gnome that Syil Fawlty had ordered. After a communication breakdown with a Spanish fellow, the gnome almost gets a room for the night at the hotel.

fawlty_gnomeIn a violent rage, character Basil Fawlty threatens a workman that he would come over and insert a large garden gnome IN him. Now that’s just vulgar and unnecessary, folks.

Although I cringed throughout the rest of the episode, I am pleased to report that no gnomes seemed to be harmed in the making of this show.

Although we gnomes certainly don’t like to be “inserted” into things, we did enjoy watching our distant British cousin be featured in so many scenes of this episode. Television generally sucks. But it would be a far better place if there were more garden gnomes simply sitting in the background.

Somebody please make that happen.

Lennon the Gnome

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