Gnome Groping in New Zealand

I stumbled upon a blog today that discussed gnome groping. I feel that this topic has not yet been addressed the The Drunk Gnome and that is unfortunate.

In the article, some random New Zealand blogger recounted a visit to Christchurch Art Gallery, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary outdoor artwork consisting of gnomes. At first, I was skeptical. “Christchurch” didn’t exactly sound like a place where gnomish spiritual practices would be welcome. However, a browse around their website proved me wrong.


Christchurch Art Gallery calls them “tin men” but these are clearly over-sized gnomes. Sculptor, Gregor Kregar, did such a splendid job….don’t you think?

Anyway, back to the groping.

As our New Zealand blogger friend mentions, gnome groping is not cool. Not without consent, anyway. And never by children.

We have rights too, you know. And feelings. If we want you to grope us, you’ll know.

This is an anti-groping public service announcement for gnomes worldwide. Thank you, New Zealand for reminding us about this important issues. And for building a huge freaking gnome!

Yours truly,
DJ Spaghetti Sauce, the gnome

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