Dogs and Gnomes! On Video! Making Out!

dvdr_gnomeo_julietPerhaps you recognize me from my Hollywood days. These days I go by Tabitha, but I used to be known by my screen name, Juliet.

Contrary to what you might think, Gnomeo and I weren’t romantically involved off-screen. In real life, I’m engaged to The Gnome Adode’s king, Jerry…in case you forgot.

Gnomeo and I haven’t really kept in touch since our days on the big screen. However, like most former co-workers, we like to stalk each other on the Internet. You can imagine my surprise when I saw this video, which was taken in Yamba, Australia.

Watch it, seriously. I mean, what the hell was this dude doing in the middle of the street? He should really know better than that. Gnomeo & Juliet had all sorts of gnomes getting smashed and injured. Some bastards never learn.


And apparently, now he’s making out with dogs?! Clearly, he’s abandoned all his standards.

Not that I’m bitter or anything. I mean, why should I care. I’m engaged TO THE KING for gnomessake!

But I dunno….should I really contact this fish & burger bar so help him find his way home? Or would that look desperate? Or give him the wrong impression?

Working relationships are difficult…

Tabitha the gnome

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About Tabitha

I was presented with an opportunity, I seized it, and here I am in this so called “Gnome Abode”. Last weekend, I hesitantly vacated my extravagant mansion with an ocean view in California with one mission: To manipulate the King of the Gnomes into making me his wife so I can┬árule the gnome world and beyond.

I’ve heard rumors that he’s a pushover. I’ve also heard that the only other female gnome here is a total ┬áskank.

Allow me to introduce myself…I am Tabitha and you will soon be worshiping me as your Queen as I rise in the ranks of high gnome society.

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