Vote for a Silver Gnome!

Howdy ho.

We don’t talk about her a lot because well, she’s a human and this blog is for gnomes…by gnomes. But our master and goddess of all gnomekind, Gnomeplaya, originates from a weird little town called Olney, Illinois that is known for its albino squirrels. I couldn’t have made that up if I tried. They’re also kinda known for their gnomes.

Anyhoo. I came across an article today while browsing the Internet from the Olney Daily Mail newspaper. A pleasant gentleman wrote in requesting votes on whether he should leave his gnome coated in silver paint or paint over it with traditional colors.


Well, have you asked the gnome himself yet?! Because that’s be a great starting point!

Formalities aside, we at The Drunk Gnome hereby vote for letting this little guy stay silver. Like human, gnomes don’t all come in the same shape, size, and color. We are diverse and that’s what makes us unique and beautiful. Sure, traditional gnomes have red hats and blue coats. But says who?! No gnome governing body exists that demands we all sport the same colors on our exquisite ceramic, plastic, and wooden selves.

Among the hundreds of gnomes that live here at The Gnome Abode, none of us are silver. So I say, if this guy wants to be silver, then let him be silver. To be honest, I’m actually a little jealous of his even skin tone.

Hope that helps, Kevin. And we also hope your wife comes to her senses.

Sincerely yours,
Kamikaze the Gnome


2 thoughts on “Vote for a Silver Gnome!

    • Dear dumb non-gnome creature,

      How did you find us? I demand that you respond within the next 3 hours. Pudding will be withheld until further notice.

      The Drunk Gnomes

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