Gnome Gnapping – A Phenomenon Explained (somewhat)

Gnomes like to nap. There’s no freaking doubt about it.

Look at this particular slacker in The Gnome Abode…

And then there’s this guy…

He sleeps sitting up. WTF?!

But out of all these slackers, I’d have to say that this dude is one of the laziest *&%*@ I’ve ever met….

I thought I was the only one who had noticed this phenomenon of laziness. That was until I saw a sign. Yeah sing your Ace of Base. You know you wanna.

Apparently, Hobby Lobby sells signs that indicate that gnomes are sleeping. A big shout out to Gnome Scout, Janet, for this groundbreaking gnome sighting.

On one hand (and yes, at this moment I’m speaking for all gnomekind) we can appreciate the type of privacy that a “Do Not Disturb” sign at the Motel 6 can provide. On the other hand (no I’m not sure which is left and which is right, so don’t even ask me) we don’t like the public disclosure that we are not on our toes at all times….ready to pounce…..ready to attack!

The Gnome Army doesn’t post a sign saying that they’re taking a day off to go to the beach and flirt with Hottie McGoo’s. So why should us regular folks advertise to our adversarial gnomes¬†that we have let our guard down. Unless we can use this to our advantage and confuse our adversarials.

Wow I’m drunk. This 9% homebrew really hits you after #4. What was I talking about? I just liked looking at the pictures.

I’m gonna nap.


Cowabunga The Gnome

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