Gnomes are FREAKING PUMPED for the new season of Breaking Bad!


We gnomes are very rarely in tune with pop culture. However, today is one of those rare exceptions you only hear about in fairy tales.

One of our all-time favorite shows, Breaking Bad, is having its season premiere tonight. We’ve all been sitting around the Kindle watching marathon-style old episodes in anticipation.

photo (15)

Only an hour to go!

We’re started cooking our feast as well, so we don’t get mid-episode munchies and have to leave our uncomfortable wooden benches.

After the season premiere, you can expect gnome-flavored commentary about the episode and the kind of ingenious insights that only those with pointy hats can provide.

Did I mention there’s only an hour to go?

photo (16)

I gotta go check on that eggplant.

Happy viewing!
Lil’ Dimwit the Gnome

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