Happy Presidents’ Day From Our Most Presidential Gnomes

May I present ya’ll with ObamaGnome!

obamagnomeOh and here he is in a different outfit.

Obama-GnomeAnyone run into any other PresidentGnomes today? I think most of them have passed on to the gnomish afterlife, but just curious. Chance encounters with politicians has become my new specialty. Send the old hoots my way, will ya?

Trixie the biker chick gnome

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About Trixie

trixsnowI’m that badass biker chick gnome you’ve always dreamed of taking home to your backyard garden. I was born to ride and proud as shit.

Mess with me and expect to get a tiny ceramic fist through your skull. If you’re trying to win my heart, leave the flowers in the ground and bring me ice cream and liquor instead.


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