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trixsnowI’m that badass biker chick gnome you’ve always dreamed of taking home to your backyard garden. I was born to ride and proud as shit.

Mess with me and expect to get a tiny ceramic fist through your skull. If you’re trying to win my heart, leave the flowers in the ground and bring me ice cream and liquor instead.


How to Turn a Pumpkin into a Gnome: A Halloween Tutorial

All gnomes know the story of Cinderella and that part when a pumpkin is magically turned into a coach to transport our heroine. Well it’s Halloween season, not fairy tale season, so we’re mixing things up a bit!

Lots of you visiting pumpkin patches with hopes of decorating the most awesome pumpkin in the world this year. But let’s face it…what could be more awesome than a gnome?

Here’s a 10 step tutorial on how to turn a pumpkin into a gnome. We went with the “evil gnome” theme, because well, ’tis the season. But you could paint a nice, pretty gnome (like me( if you prefer.

Step 1: Choose the pumpkin that speaks to your soul


Step 2: Cut out a “quarter circle” of felt for the hat to match your pumpkin size

Step 3: Sew the side up to make a cone-shape

Step 4: If you’re feeling fancy, turn the bottom over to sew a hem and hide the edges


Step 5: Grab a nearby gnome to use as a model and sketch out a face!


Step 6: Now paint that face!

Step 7: Use white needle felting felt, polyester fiberfill, or cotton balls to make a beard and eyebrows

Step 8: Stick the beard and hat on with super glue (carefully!)

IMG_0444Step 9: Go wash all that nasty stuff off your hands with some festive soap

IMG_0448Step 10: Treat yourself and your new gnome friend to some tasty pumpkin bread to celebrate!


And BAM! Just like that…a pumpkin is magically transformed into a gnome!

What’s your favorite gnome craft for Halloween? Share your ideas with us and we’ll try to send you a leftover piece of this bread.

Craft-master Trixie

The Louisville, Kentucky Gnome Giving Away CASH!

Stop whatever it is you’re doing and follow The Louisville Gnome on Twitter.

Ugh another dumb gnome site?! I hear what you’re thinking. I’m telepathic like that.

“Everyday, accompanied by a friendly gnome, money will be posted around Louisville. Followed by a Picture and a Hint. Please spend the money wisely,” so says this mysterious gnome who has emerged on the scene.


The gnome game began in early February. And it is shrouded in mystery. SHROUDED, I TELL YOU! The gnome hider’s true identity remains a well-guarded secret.

The gnome hider apparently got some inheritance from his grandpa and promised to do something unique with the money. “I kind of, I really wanted to give back to the community,” the gnome hider told WHAS11 News. “As cliché as that sounds, that’s like, exactly what I really wanted to do.”

But these hidden gnomes are about more than just finding money…it’s about the fun gnome-seekers have looking for them. “I would really like them to pass it on to someone else that really needs it” the gnome hider said. “That was kind of my main goal. I mean, honestly, it’s their choice.”


All we know right now is that the mysterious gnome hider is young and that he works for a charity called Free the Children. Not even joking…I was traveling through Louisville just yesterday and frantically checking my Twitter feed for location updates. Sadly, there were none and I returned home gnomeless.

But maybe you’ll be the lucky one! I’ve seen pictures of people posing with 20s and 50s…but who knows how big the gnome bills can go!

Good luck!

Trixie the Gnome

Happy Presidents’ Day From Our Most Presidential Gnomes

May I present ya’ll with ObamaGnome!

obamagnomeOh and here he is in a different outfit.

Obama-GnomeAnyone run into any other PresidentGnomes today? I think most of them have passed on to the gnomish afterlife, but just curious. Chance encounters with politicians has become my new specialty. Send the old hoots my way, will ya?

Trixie the biker chick gnome

Small Town Gnoming: You Gnomed, We Gnoticed

Hey cowboys…it’s your favorite badass biker chick, Trixie, here. I know you miss me, and I miss you too. It’s hard keeping up with blogging when you’re out on your hog all the time. Sadly, summertime is coming to an end so it seems my rides will become fewer and farther between 🙁

I just got back from an epic ride around Starved Rock State Park. For gnomes that live in this very dull corner of the world, the park is one of the most beautiful you can find in riding distance. There were a TON of bikers out and about when I cruised through.

Starved rock

In a weird little place called Ottowa, I made a few friends. This place was a great example of gnomes and humans existing in small town harmony. Human yards were filled with gnomes here, and gnomes expressed genuine pleasure about their lives.

photo 4

I chatted with a few of these dudes and we set out to find a place to watch the Bears game. We could only find one sports bar open, which unfortunate. Although it was crowded with drunk, yelling humans, we don’t take up much room and were able to squeeze in and up to the bar. The selection was meh, but the company made up for it.

I’ve biked through a lot of places, but small towns like Ottowa, Illinois seem to be the most gnome friendly. Do you live in a gnome-friendly town? If you don’t, I would suggest packing up and moving immediately. Gnome-friendliness is a sure sign of an overall good place to call home.

photo 2 (1)

Rev up your engines for another ride, gnomies, because the sun is shining and the next journey is ON!

Trixie the Gnome

P.S. – Rumor has it that the next journey is in a place that begins with “Tex” and ends with “as.”