There’s a new gnome movie coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of our loyal gnome followers recently pointed out that we should host a movie club, as well as a book club. Well, here at The Gnome Abode, your wish is our command!

Oh you’re not sure what I’m talking about? Hmmph. In case you’re half dead and living in a pre-apocalyptic bunker, I have news for you! BIG NEWS!There’s a new gnome movie coming out!

It’s called Sherlock Gnomes and it’s the sequel to Gnomeo and Juliet!

io9 reports that “the gnomes from the first movie have to enlist the aid of a famous gnome detective to solve the disappearance of garden gnomes across England.”

Deadline reports that Kung Fu Panda Director, John Stevenson, will be directing the film, and Elton John is writing the original music.

MovieWeb reports that production will begin early next year, although the release date isn’t clear yet.


I’m so happy to see such an exciting new promotion of our people and culture. Stay tuned for updates about the upcoming production start, casting, and behind the scenes footage you’ll only find HERE at

Peace out gnomies,

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Make soil, not dirt. Make flowers, not weeds. Make weed, not ditch weed.

My fans always ask me how I put up with that arrogant bastard, McCartney. My answer to them is that every day is an gift to be experienced and to learn from. The more uptight he gets, the defiant I get. The more bossy he gets, the more rebellious I get. He and I have a dynamic that I’m only beginning to understand. I need to go meditate on that for a few hours.

Oh yeah and there’s the other guys too. They’re cool.

I love playing the trumpet because I feel that using my lips so much every day will make me the greatest kisser of all time. Gnomes never thought that trumpets could play reggae, but I have shown them they’re wrong.

I love you all and hope all you fans come to our first show on April 1st! I am not opposed to signing bras, boobs, and any other lady parts that might be flashed at me.

Harmony of the whales,

Lennon The Gnome

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