The Lady of Mount Goom


So I was climbing some routes today and found the most peculiar thing when I reached the summit. I would have never guessed such existed, but a voodoo priestess lives atop The Gnome Abode!

After much deliberation, I got her name. She goes by “The Lady of Mount Goom” and she looks old as shit.

She said some mumbo jumbo about cat eyes and red powder. She had a bunch of weird crystals and potions haphazardly scattered around her on the mountain peak.

I was freaked the @*&$ out and didn’t ask anything further. Just one look into those empty soul eyes and I’ll never be the same. She wears a gnome hat, but how can that be considered a gnome?

Somebody needs to go figure out what her deal is, but that somebody sure as hell isn’t gonna be me.

Never gonna get to sleep now,
Sketchy Andy The Gnome

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About Sketchy Andy

Maybe you recognize me from my badass You Tube videos of hard falls, crazy lines, free solos, base jumps, ropeJumps, and radical slackline tricks.


I met Gnomeplaya and Gnomecow at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, which featured my latest award-winning documentary. When they introduced me to everyone at the Gnome Abode, some thought I was crazy. Others accused me of being a lego figure gnome with a fishing pole.

I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations. However, I am Sketchy Andy and I am here to slackline your socks off.

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