Where to Dress Up Like a Gnome and Drink Beer on Saturday

I won’t hold you in suspense any longer…

It’s Sanford, Florida!


WHO: Gnomes and humans dressed up like gnomes

WHAT: The 3rd annual Hysterical Tour of Gnomes

WHEN: This Saturday, December 7th from 3-9pm

WHY: Inherently weird people in this Orlando suburb are making fun of the Historic Tour of Homes. According to the Orlando Sentinel, “Instead of strolling through snooty rich people’s houses, revelers on the Tour of Gnomes will stumble through Bad Monkey Tavern (105 W. Second St.),Little Fish Huge Pond (401 S. Sanford Ave.) and three other Sanford bars while dressed as gnomes (or elves, or trolls, or leprechauns — the barkeeps aren’t picky). There will be a costume contest, so sharpen up that pointy hat.”

WHERE: I just typed the addresses above, dum dum.


C’mon people this is a no-brainer. It only costs 10 bucks and you can drink and look like one of us. See ya there?

Ceasar the Florida-bound gnome

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I contribute occasionally in the ‘Gnome Brew Review’ Category. I’m opinionated, sneaky, and like to be handled (wink wink).

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