Naked Chick Poses with Gnomes…WHAT?!?

Gnome news generally revolves around gnomes getting stolen or celebrities painting gnomes for charity. However, yesterday we came across some gnome news that REALLY took us by surprise.

She goes by the name Aella, and she poses nude for Internet. Okay, nothing really all that shocking there.

But here’s the twist….she poses NUDE WITH GNOMES.

aella gnomes

Web forum, Reddit, has a subgroup called “gw” with plenty of ladies looking to strut their stuff for strangers. To stand out from the crowd, Aella’s gimmick is to pose nude while being ASSAULTED* by evil garden gnomes.

*Disclaimer – gnome assault is an unfounded myth. No actual gnome assaults have been reported in the history of gnomekind.

Viewers fell in love with her gnome gimmick and she was actually the forum’s most popular naked woman in 2013. The forum has over 500,000 members.

aella gnomes 2

“People are so used to watching girls take themselves seriously when it comes to sexuality,” she told The Daily Dot. “I don’t care about looking pretty. I care about making people laugh. People need to realize you’re a human being.”

According to Inquisitr, she grew up in a super-Christian household, and this appears to be a really unique form of rebellion. And apparently, she makes more money doing this than if she went to college and worked a regular job for 10 years.

Are you intrigued? Because we certainly are! We just started stalking her on Twitter, so this should be interesting…

Roxy the Gnome

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