Goldilocks Gnome and the Search for Hot Springs


Happy Friday, gnomies!

I recently read a brilliant article about humans bathing in soothing hot springs. Since then, I’ve been searching for some hot springs in the world that are, well, more our size and style.

We’d surely drown in these human-sized springs, you see!

I heard Yellowstone was a good place to check out, but as Goldilocks once said….”That hot spring’s TOOOOO big.”

photo (31)

Then I traveled to the tiny town of Thermopolis, Wyoming because I saw a road sign for it and it sounded like a warm place to go.

photo (11)

Cue Goldilocks, “That hot springs is TOOOOO hot!”

I consulted a bathing expert to help me find a size and temperature that perfectly aligns with the gnomish nervous and skeletal system.

photo (15)

This quest led to my untimely demise. I use the word “demise” broadly, as you can clearly tell I’m not typing from the grave. But I am a step closer to it.

I dove into a bathtub upon the recommendation of Sir Soap-on-a-Rope and cracked my poor self into pieces. I am paralyzed and am now on a quest for a gnome-sized wheelchair.

photo (21)

I was once a travel gnome and now I am the voice of the gnomely disabled.

Updates about my new quest will be provided when I’m not crying too hard. Wow this post got really depressing really quick.

Bunnies and sunshine and world peace!
Sheldon the former travel gnome

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