January 3rd and Still Recovering From Hangovers…


Wondering where we’ve been the last couple days? Well, we’re drunk gnomes. Where do you think we’ve been?


The last few days have been a blur for pretty much all of us. Personally, the last thing I remember was hanging out with some ole’ chap named Peso. He was a monkey. Or at least looked like a monkey with my blurred vision.


I always thought Mexican monkeys would like tequila, but that dude could throw back 8% beers like nobody’s business. We were at a brew pub in Nashville, watching the chaos of the street fest from a comfy window booth.

There was this big music bash in the street that was pretty fun. Just to give you a better idea of the shenanigans, some strangers posted a bunch of pictures….check ’em out!

Typing is making me seriously dizzy. I gotta go hurl, sorry.

If any other gnomes out there are in better shape than me, please feel free to post something clever and witty. We hope to be back to our regularly scheduled programing by tomorrow. Hopefully.

Whirling n’ hurling,
Cowabunga, Certified Party Gnome

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Konichiwa, my beautiful spirits of plastic and ash. May the peace in the nooks and crannies of my soul  entangle itself throughout your intestines and regurgitate out something pure and original to be cherished. Leave behind your crumpled existences and squandered developments. Take my rotting wooden hand. I will lead you toward the blinding light, which spins in the shape of parallelograms.

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