NEW CONTEST! Guess What This Artistic Masterpiece Is!


Correctly guess what my artistic masterpieces is, and you could be the lucky recipient of my next artistic masterpiece!

I’m an aspiring artist, but some gnomes say my work is pretty crappy. I tell them, if you want to see really crappy art you should check out Free Crappy Portraits because my stuff is WAY better than than anything in there.

But those gnomes don’t listen. Therefore, I’ve created a new contest! The first human or gnome to correctly guess what this mixed medium creation really is, WIN!

What do you win, you ask? My next work of art will be inspired by you, created in your true likeness, and sent to you as a gift! What could be better than that? Narcissist.

Without further ado, what is this?


A. Turkey

B. Flamingo

C. Gnome

D. Hot chick

Best of luck to you all!

Smooches and slobbers,
Horace The Gnome








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About Horace

I’m that gnome who always thinks the lawn is greener on the other side. Sure, I’e practically had life handed to me on a silver mushroom, but still I feel that he is missing out on something great that I should be. My destiny is not being fulfilled within the confines of this spirit that I cannot accept as my own. I recently lost 0.04 ounces since I set his New Year resolution. I’m trying to stay motivated to work out and stop being a Fatty MaGoo. Recently I’ve has taken up rock climbing. Stay tuned…

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