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New Zealand Pop Star Paints Gnomes for Charity!

Lorde’s painted gnome goes up for auction

By Jessica McAllen

New Zealand Herald

3:17 PM Friday Dec 13, 2013

“Lorde has a new talent to add to her resume – gnome painting.

On her recent visit home the singing sensation took the time to paint a gnome royal blue to raise money for her local community garden centre in Devonport.

lordegnomeIt is being auctioned to raise $1600 for the cost of the centre’s new kitchen facility.

Volunteer, Charlotte Smith, says the centre desperately needed money and had to think beyond the sausage sizzles and baking sales they had relied on so far.

It was her idea to ask Devonport celebrities to contribute something to the community. As well as Lorde, other gnome artists include: Pippa Wetzell, Tim Finn, Paul Ego, Bob Campbell, Jacko Gill, Mike Cohen and Roger Giles.

“I’ve been blown away that they all wanted to do it. Everybody got really creative, these are very busy people that gave up their time to do quite a random challenge.”

LordeShe was inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show which lifted its ban on garden gnomes this year and a similar initiative was held where celebrities decorated gnomes to raise money for charity.

The kitchen centre is being used by a school holiday programme, where their tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot and strawberries are put to use.

Community cooking lessons also take place in the kitchen.

Ms Smith has been involved with the garden for five years and says it’s an important place for the community to come together.

“You come here for two hours and get totally absorbed in the garden, it’s very therapeutic.”

To donate to Lorde’s gnome visit the auction on Trade Me here.”

Gnome Games for Snowy Days

It’s a snowy day over here at The Gnome Abode. Days like this motivate me to do little more than take swigs from a bottle of rum while writing bad poetry. Dr. A-Choo thinks it’s seasonal depressive disorder. My buddies just think I need to man up and buy a winter coat.

game2My flamingo girlfriend, Noodle Sauce, hates to see me bummed out. So she came home today with a shopping bag full of games. Games about gnomes!

Did you know that there even was such a thing?!

Here’s a few of my favorites that she brought home. Of course, they’re pun-tastic…

  1. Find Your Way Gnome: Introducing two MindWare originals where you use critical thinking to create pathways. The tricky part? No paths can intersect! Lab Mice is the cheese-chasing brainteaser where you connect the matching pairs of mice and cheese. Find Your Way Gnome helps colorful gnomes find their matching homes. Each set includes 50 double-sided wipe-off cards (100 puzzles rated easy, intermediate or hard), 2 dry erase markers, full-color instructions and a sturdy storage tin.
  2. Oh Gnome You Don’tIt’s adventure time for gnomes as they travel and gather items along the forest trail. Typically cheerful and friendly, the little gnomes let greed and aggression get the best of them as they get into brawls, play tricks, and set traps to be able to grab up and trade for the most gems by the end of the game. It’s a Gnome-tastic Adventure!!
  3. Those Pesky Garden Gnomes: “Garden Gnomes” is a fun and unique card game that really takes a lot of thought and tactical planning to win. Each hand offers exciting possibilities and new avenues to success, and one must always be weary of an opponent’s seemingly poor showing — it could be a ruse to meet a unique goal. The individual victory conditions for each hand and the bid tokens add to an intense and fast-paced game.


Noodles, who’s apparently an avid gamer (I had no idea!) was also telling me about a Kickstarter project, A Game of Gnomes: The Garden of Seedin’. Apparently, it didn’t reach it’s fundraising goal in time. But they were asking for $10,000?! What expensive gnomes you have!

Well I must say that gnome-themed board games have perked up my mood. If you’re needing a little boost today as well, check out some of these or make up one of your own. And then invite me to play!

Game on, gamers…
DJ Spaghetti Sauce

Gnome Web Links of the Day!

Some of our very best gnome scouts are working day and night to scour the internet and deliver the very finest gnome news to your inbox. Kinda creepy, kinda cool.

Here’s a couple of our favorite finds today!

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DJ Spaghetti Sauce

Gnomes & Australian Pop Music


Gnome-See-In-Walk-330x317So I discovered a new gnome band. Amish Meth Lab quartet: watch out.

They’re called Gnome. Plain ‘n’ simple. Just Gnome.

And they’re from Australia, which makes them cooler than you.


This Chelsea chick says their new album, See in Walk, is other-worldly, blissful, euphoric, natural, and tranquil.

bandpicThat pretty much sums up gnomekind in five adjectives. What more could you want from your beats?

Listen to some good shiznit here.

Signing off ’til the after-party,
DJ Spaghetti Sauce the Gnome


Gnome Groping in New Zealand

I stumbled upon a blog today that discussed gnome groping. I feel that this topic has not yet been addressed the The Drunk Gnome and that is unfortunate.

In the article, some random New Zealand blogger recounted a visit to Christchurch Art Gallery, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary outdoor artwork consisting of gnomes. At first, I was skeptical. “Christchurch” didn’t exactly sound like a place where gnomish spiritual practices would be welcome. However, a browse around their website proved me wrong.


Christchurch Art Gallery calls them “tin men” but these are clearly over-sized gnomes. Sculptor, Gregor Kregar, did such a splendid job….don’t you think?

Anyway, back to the groping.

As our New Zealand blogger friend mentions, gnome groping is not cool. Not without consent, anyway. And never by children.

We have rights too, you know. And feelings. If we want you to grope us, you’ll know.

This is an anti-groping public service announcement for gnomes worldwide. Thank you, New Zealand for reminding us about this important issues. And for building a huge freaking gnome!

Yours truly,
DJ Spaghetti Sauce, the gnome